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To meet the goals set for itself as laid out in its mission statement, American Pilgrims on the Camino provides various services. This website is the hub that connects and coordinates access to all these services. It is perhaps ironic to be using the 21st-century medium of the Internet to support pilgrims engaging in what is in its essence a medieval endeavor. Still, the pilgrim hostels of those days (and our own!) brought together strangers using the latest technologies in travel. Think of this website, then, as a virtual pilgrim hostel, where stories and suggestions and memories and advice and history and encouragement can be shared, not only about our organization, but about the joyful and the practical matters involved in undertaking a pilgrimage in our day.

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Suggested use of this site:

While you are certainly free to roam our site at will, we have a few suggestions of specific pages that might address your specific needs and questions.

• If you have heard about the Camino and are here to find out just what this is about, we would suggest the History page to start.

• If you are familiar with the spiritual, historical and cultural background of the Camino and are beginning to think about actually walking, we would suggest the Route Overviews, FAQs and Internet Resources pages. Most of your practical questions will be addressed on the latter two.

If you have decided to walk and are looking for a guidebook, there is the Books page.

• If you are here to request a credential, be sure to read the entire Request a Credential page and then submit the online request form.

• If you'd like to connect with other Caminophiles in your area and attend Camino-related events, take a look at the Local Chapters page.

If you are looking to join with others either as past or future peregrinos, you might find an event that interests you on one of our events pages—Local, National Gatherings or International.

If you have already walked and are thinking about ways to continue your connection to the Camino, you might consider becoming an hospitalero and serving in an albergue. See our Hospitaleros page for everything you will need to know about how to get started. Or see our Volunteer page for volunteer opportunities within American Pilgrims.

• If American Pilgrims seems like an organization that you'd like to join, please visit our Membership/Join page.

Common Questions of Interest:

Credential request Request a pilgrim's passport or credential
American Pilgrims Learn about American Pilgrims on the Camino as an organization
Local chapters Check out what our local chapters are doing
Membership Become a member of American Pilgrims on the Camino
Login button Login to the automated membership system
Newsletter La Concha Access La Concha, the American Pilgrims newsletter
Volunteer opportunities Learn about volunteer opportunities with American Pilgrims
Hospitalero information Find out about service as an hospitalero
Make a donation Make a donation to American Pilgrims
American Pilgrims' grant program Read about the American Pilgrims' Grant Program

The Camino:

Camino history Read about the history and tradition of the Camino
Route descriptions Find summary information about the routes to Santiago in Spain, Portugal and France
A quick overview of the practicalities Learn about the practical matters involved in walking the Camino
FAQs page Visit our FAQs page where many of your questions about practicalities will be answered
Credential request Request a pilgrim's passport or credential
Journals and essays Learn about or relive the Camino through essays, journals and image galleries
Hospitalero information Learn about giving back to the Camino by serving as a volunteer hospitalero
News Read news and interesting information about the Camino and Spain


Internet resources Lose yourself in the universe of the Internet related to the Camino
Camino-related books Discover the world of books about or inspired by the Camino - guidebooks, history, novels, reflections
Camino-related CDs and music Explore more than a millenium of music related to the Camino


Learn about Camino and American Pilgrims events:

Local and regional events Local
National Gatherings National events and American Pilgrims' Gatherings
International events International

Contact Us:

Contact us Contact American Pilgrims on the Camino for other information


And there are all kinds of other goodies hiding in various additional corners of the site. Have a look around!

¡Buen Camino!


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